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The Elder Scrols Online Cheat Instruction - Instruction Activation Code

Instruction on how to run The Elder Scrolls Online Cheat

Since 2020, we are changing our policy of availability of our software. From now on, to start our software, you need to enter the activation code, to get it, you need to complete the survey, and after its completion you will receive a code that will be valid for thirty days. After thirty days you will have to complete the survey again to gain access to the program for thirty days. Remember that the code is rewritten to the IP address, not the computer, if you change the IP, you will have to complete the survey again. Also remember that the activation code is rewritten to one program, if you want to use our other program you will have to enter the activation code again. If you have any questions, write Contact here.

Instructions for activating our The Elder Scrolls Online Cheats

The Elder Scrols Online Cheat Instruction 11 - Instruction Activation Code

At the beginning, download our software, after downloading unpack it using win-rar, 7-zip. After that, go to the unpacked folder and turn on our application.

The Elder Scrols Online Cheat Instruction 2 - Instruction Activation Code

After starting the application, the program connects to the server of our site and checks whether the activation code has been entered, it takes a few seconds.

The Elder Scrols Online Cheat Instruction 3 - Instruction Activation Code

If the activation code has not been entered or is no longer active, you will receive a form in which you will find a link to the survey and a field in which you must enter this code. If you want to receive the activation code, click “Survey”, the application will redirect you to the survey, after completing it you will receive the activation code, enter this code in the form field. After entering the code, click “OK”, if the activation code is correct, you will gain access to our program.

Obraz 1 - Instruction Activation Code
Obraz 2 - Instruction Activation Code